3425 Lake Chapin Drive, Berrien Springs MI

Why A Community?

There are some great reasons to purchase a home within a development community! Less maintenance, more recreation time and higher maintained home values are just a few.

Top Reasons to Choose a Lakefront Community.

1. Maintain home value. In a community, there are guidelines to make sure your neighbors keep up their home’s maintenance and curb appeal. In a community, there’s no one parking their old cars or motor homes in their front yard, piling up junk on the side of their house or building a shed out of scrap lumber. Community rules ensure that all homes are kept up, thereby maintaining the value of the surrounding homes.

2. Have more fun. There’s simply more to do with our heated pool, sundeck, playground and trails through the woods — all of which come with your community vacation home. And every summer brings the Annual Block Party with fun and food and activities throughout the community, pool area, and even out on the lake!

3. Less maintenance. A pool is fun, but also a lot of work. You have the fun, we’ll do the work. We’ll also make sure the streets are plowed, the common area landscaping is looking good, the playground is taken care of and the garbage gets picked up. With our private community septic system you also don’t have a septic field in your yard so you don’t have to deal with any of those issues.

4. Communities look better. With a planned community, all the homes have the same look and feel but allow for individual creativity as well. The end result is that communities simply look better. Also, we make sure the common area is always looking its best.

5. You own more. With a community, you own your home and yard but also have ownership interest in the acres of common area, pool, playground, private septic system and even the roads.

More Reasons to Choose a Community…

6. People with similar interests. Residents who buy in the same community often times have similar interest so there’s always someone up for a round of golf, going after one of the trophy fish that call Lake Chapin home, or checking out a new restaurant, museum, festival or winery.

7. Concierge service. We have a Concierge on call to make your time at Lake Chapin Shores the best it can be – from gassing up your boat, planning a party, having your fridge stocked for you before you arrive, meeting a delivery or taking care of cleaning your home. Basically, anything you need to make your stay more enjoyable.

8. We’ll take care of you. We have an association Manager who checks on the community at least once a week, makes sure the bills get paid, the pool gets opened up on time, and manages all the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds.

9. Come for the peace, stay for the party. Sometimes you want a party, sometimes you want peace and quiet. At Lake Chapin, you can have both. With large lots and wooded setting, you can enjoy a peaceful weekend in your own backyard or grab some neighbors and have a party at the pool, or enjoy a nighttime bonfire.

10. You deserve it. Let’s face it. You worked hard to be in a position to buy a Michigan lake home. Buy one that offers you the most enjoyment for you and your family.